Welcome to your new Benefit Enrollment system

Log onto the following:


Your user name is firstname.lastname

The initial password is: Last 6 Digits of Social Security Number

Your new password must contain a minimum of 8 characters and include at least one of each of the following:

Uppercase Letter, Lowercase Letter, Number, and a Symbol

Example: Password1$

You may have to complete the Virtual Code Authentication. On your first login, you will be allowed to enter 3 different contact methods: Text, Voice, and email.

On your second login, the system will prompt you to have a code sent to one of the three contact methods. Once you receive the code and enter it to validate your current device.

There is a check box that allows you to save the current device so you do not have to continually validate it.


Once you are logged in, click the link that says “Review/Select Benefits”.

Click the “Start Open Enrollment” button in the top left corner of the “My Current Benefit Selections & Options” screen.

This will bring you to a questionnaire with the following questions:

1.      Are you a tobacco user? – Choose either yes or no. If you have completed this in the past it may already say 1 (yes) or 0 (no).

2.       Enrolling Agent. If no agent was contacted, please enter 'None'* - Please leave at None (self)

Hit the Submit Questionnaire button to start the enrollment process.

Each tab other than the instructions tab will require the user to select either a plan or the waive this option.

Once your election for a tab has been made, click the continue button to go to the next tab. Do this until you are at the Confirm Selections tab.

Once you are on the Confirm Selections tab, click the submit request button, enter your password, and hit accept. You will be given the option to print a summary page.

For video instructions on each process, visit these links:

·         For detailed login instructions: Click this link for video instructions.

·         Selecting a Medical FSA: Click this link for video instructions. 

·         Selecting a Dependent FSA: Click this link for video instructions.

·         Selecting a 403(b) & 457 Advisement Option: Click this link for video Instructions

·         Selecting a Short Term and/or Long Term Disability plan: Click this link for video instructions

·         Selecting an Accident or Critical Illness plan: Click this link for video instructions.

·         Submitting your plan elections: Click this link for video instructions.